Happy 7th Birthday MYKITCO!


It’s been an incredible journey so far at MYKITCO and we thought it was about time to look back at where it all began and the products that put us firmly on the makeup map.
In 2014 the very first idea of us creating a makeup accessory brand started to form in our heads. Looking around there wasn’t a one stop makeup store that offered a wide selection of bags and brushes designed by a makeup artist for makeup lovers. 

I was tired of saying “If only this bag was shaped like this” and ‘I need a brush that has this texture and length” so we decided to make them ourselves!
These five products have been with us since day one and are still loved by our community seven years later…

The very first brush in the MYKITCO collection. We wanted a brush that does it all, a brush that you know you can go back to time and time again for the best blended results. Whether you’re applying concealer, buffing in powder, stippling cream blush and blending out eyeshadow this dome shaped brush never fails to help you achieve the best results.

So much thought went in to creating this brush. We wanted a gently angled brush that hugged the contours of the face and laid down product flawlessly. The 0.4 had to be soft enough to blend yet firm enough to work with both cream and powder formulas, it’s a classic design that stands the test of time.

The ultimate lip brush does exist! Why is it so great you may ask…well let us tell you. When shaping the lips, we wanted to create a brush that does all the hard work for you. The tip of the brush has both a flat and curved side which allows you to line and define the lip shape with HD precision. A true lip lover makeup brush. 

The OG, The best, The first of its kind! This design came to us one evening as we were thinking of new ways for artists to store their makeup brushes hygienically and by category. The sectional, stand up element of this bag was totally different to anything else on the market and MY BRUSH BUDDY as we fondly called it was an instant hit! It’s still at the heart of our brand and has inspired us to develop many more BUDDY’s each with a signature MYKITCO style. 

The first style of bag to hit our collection! What makes it different to other zip bags is the durability and strength. We line all of our bags with PVC making them easy to keep clean which was essential to us with this simple design. From the original size we’ve added small and larger options to allow each artist to choose their best fit.  
I can’t thank our community enough for their continuous support and trust in MYKITCO to keep creating everything they need! We have an exciting year coming up and we can’t wait to share it with you all. 
Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our birthday surprise! 
Stay creative!