To ensure the longest life of your MYKITCO brushes here are our tips to keep them soft, shiny, and clean! Keeping your brushes clean will ensure they provide the highest quality application.  


We recommend you wash your brushes for personal use at least once per week using shampoo or washing up liquid. For professional brushes, it is vital to wash your brushes after each client.


My step-by-step guide…


  1. Wet the brush head in lukewarm water then swirl the tip into the shampoo or soap until it lathers. Continue to swirl until all makeup is removed.
  2. Rinse the brush head under running water until all detergent is removed then squeeze out the excess water.
  3. Groom the tip of your brush back to the original shape and leave on a flat surface to dry.



My top tips…


  • Avoid submerging the entire brush in water as this will corrode the ferrule over time.


  • For more persistent makeup such as lipstick and eyeliner, dip the tip of your brush in baby oil and swirl over a tissue to help break down the products. Shampoo your brush as normal to remove the oil residue.


  • To provide a quick clean we would recommend products such as the ISOCLEAN brush cleaner to remove any bacteria. Simply dip the tip of the brush in the solution and swirl over a tissue.


  • To prevent any discolouration of the ferrules we would recommend washing with soap and water.



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