Autumn Beauty Trends 2023

The beauty world is buzzing with excitement for the latest autumn-winter makeup trends of 2023. This season, it's all about striking a balance between bold and natural, enhancing our features while keeping our skin radiant and well-nourished. From statement lips to flushed cheeks, flawless foundations to a skincare-first approach, and the perfect makeup brushes to achieve it all – let's dive into the top beauty trends for the upcoming season!
Luscious Lips...
In 2023, lips take center stage with captivating colors and daring textures. Rich, dark hues like deep berry, plum, and chocolate brown are all the rage, offering an air of mystery and sophistication. For those who prefer a softer look, dusty rose and mauve shades are in vogue, lending a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Glossy finishes are back in a big way, providing a luscious, plump appearance, while velvet matte lipsticks remain a timeless favourite for a long-lasting, high-impact pout.
Try the MYKITCO 3.2 My Buff & Blur Lip for a soft-focus effect and the perfect lip brush for blending out your lip liner and applying the perfect sheer lip tine.
For a precise lip try the MYKITCO 3.1 My Line & Fill which is perfectly shaped for achieving a crisp lip line.
Blushing Beauty...
Natural, rosy cheeks are in style this season, echoing the frosty, outdoorsy vibes of autumn and winter. Choose blush shades that mimic the hues of a brisk breeze, such as soft pinks, warm peaches, and earthy terracotta. The draping technique, which involves contouring the face with blush, is making a strong comeback, creating a sculpted look that beautifully complements various face shapes.
For a sweet fresh application of blush try the MYKITCO 0.34 My Blush and Powder small which has an expertly bundled rounded tip which fits the apple of the cheeks for easy application.
For a draped blush effect try the new 0.40 My Blush & Polisher Angled which is less dense allowing for a lighter application of blush for those who prefer a more natural finish.
Foundation with a Flawless Finish...
The pursuit of flawless skin continues, and in 2023, the focus is on lightweight, buildable foundations that provide ample coverage without feeling heavy. Dewy and radiant finishes are popular to achieve that healthy glow even during the drier months. Look for foundations with skincare benefits, like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, to maintain skin hydration and protect against environmental aggressors.
We’re obsessed with our latest brush for complexion 0.44 My Cream Complexion, a synthetic brush with the finest fibres ideal for cream and liquid foundations.
Skincare-First Approach...
Beauty enthusiasts in 2023 prioritize skincare as the foundation of a flawless makeup look. With the colder weather, nourishing and hydrating skincare products are essential to keep the skin supple and smooth. Incorporate serums, face oils, and rich moisturizers into your routine to combat dryness and maintain a luminous complexion. A well-cared-for canvas will make your makeup application even more seamless.
Have you tried applying your skincare with the MYKITCO 0.20 My Flexi Face large. We designed this brush to massage skincare into the face while never wasting product.
Here are three of our top picks from MYKITCO for helping you create the most beautiful trend based makeup for fall 2023….
This versatile complexion brush is ideal for luxe skin finishes, the expertly finished bundle of super soft fibre helps you achieve a velvety soft finish for foundation and blush.
Our latest concealer brush hugs the gentle contours of the under eye giving you both precision and blendability.
This must have brush has the ideal mix of fullness with a feathery tip allowing you to blend your eye makeup which still maintaining detail in your application.


As we step into the autumn-winter season of 2023, it's time to update our makeup routines with the latest trends. Embrace bold lips and flushed cheeks, perfect your skin with a lightweight foundation, and don't forget to prioritize skincare to maintain that radiant glow. With the right makeup brushes in hand, you'll be all set to create stunning looks that embrace the spirit of the season and make you feel confident in your own beauty all year round.


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