Pack my kit with me...

When you’re away for work and can only pack one kit of makeup it’s important to use the right bags to make sure you fit in as much makeup as you can!
For my trip to L.A. I focussed on the smaller bags in the MYKITCO family as I wanted to ensure I had a variety of my most used products and my favourite shades, to find easily and pack away with no problems.
The hero for my kit packing has been MY BOTTLE BAG Small! This new kit addition has saved me in space and weight. MY BOTTLE BAG Small can hold 12 loose powders which I depotted into the MYKITCO Bottles.
MY PVC SLIM is the perfect bag for storing my Danessa Myricks Colorfix paints. I packed 15 paints in my kit with shades that I can mix and match to create pretty much any colour I want!
To store my lip products, I have used MY MINI TWIN CANVAS POUCH. I love how I can get organised with this bag as I always carry so many lip products. It’s great to separate them into gloss, liquid lipstick and classic lipstick. The two equal sides not only help me get organised it also, can be lay out on my workstation so I can see the products easily.
I needed a simple smaller bag to hold my cream blush.  For that I’m using one bag from MY PVC TRIO. The simple gusseted bag design is wide enough to fit my cream blush stacked neatly in a line.
I carry a variety of concealers which come in either square palettes or the glass wand style. Due to me having such a variety of shapes and sizes I pack them in MY MINI PVC BOX BAG. This MYKITCO bag is super spacious to help me carry all the products I need. In total I’m carrying 27 concealers for this trip, so it fits a lot inside! I’m also using MY MINI PVC BOX BAG to carry my false lashes as the can take up lots of space.
Finally for all my brow and lash products, I’m using MY MINI PVC BAG. I love how it stands upright on my workstation and has a pocket inside the back which I’m using to store my tweezers and lash glue.
Stay creative!


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